Cottage Fire-Safety Service


Cottage Fire-Safety Service is Canada’s only Fire-Safety service provider whose products and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of Canada’s Cottage Owners.


What "Sparked" the Idea?

As Cottage Owners for many generations, our Fire-Safety Solution was born from an intimate understanding of the challenges of Cottage Ownership.

Vacation time is limited at the lake so it is very difficult for Cottage Owners to proactively plan, install, and maintain all the various things around the Cottage from building projects to dock and boat repairs.


Cottage Fire-Safety Service's Solution takes over the responsibility of implementing a Fire-Safety Plan, installing equipment, and providing the essential season-to-season maintenance.


Our Team of Professionals

Our installation and service teams are experienced Fire-Safety Personnel who, along with our insurance industry partners, have lived and worked within the Cottage communities that we serve.

Our Partnerships

The affordability and performance of our Fire-Safety Solution is the result of our unique relationship with the insurance industry and WATERAX®.  WATERAX® is Canada's leading fire pump manufacturer and provider of professional grade wild-land fire fighting equipment.

Cottage Fire-Safety Service is also in partnership with Wildfire AP.  Wildfire AP is a FireSmart member who specializes in wildfire adaptation and protection. Wildfire AP performs risk assessments and consultations, community wildfire planning,  sprinkler sales and installations, and vegetation management plans.


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Wildfire AP