Your Cottage represents so much to you: your family memories, recreation, relaxation, and social gatherings.


Being Fire-Safe is important in order to preserve your Cottage and all that it means to you.


Every year Cottages are destroyed by fires that could have been avoided or mitigated by Cottage Owners being Fire-Safe.

Fire-Safety starts with a Cottage Fire-Safety Service Solution.  The first step in the Solution is a Cottage Fire-Safety property and building inspection and assessment.

Our Qualified Personnel will visit your property and assess the layout of your buildings and their proximity to surrounding combustible materials.  Our Personnel will review the interior of your buildings and identify potential fire risks related to such things as your fireplace and your use of combustible fuels for cooking and heating.


Cottage Fire-Safety Service’s Solution will give you a report on your property with identifiable risks and mitigating recommendations, complete with our Fire-Safety Solution including fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and a dock-installed fire-fighting pump system.  Upon the client's request, we will also offer exterior sprinkler systems.